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Jan Bakes - Mix and Match Your own SMOOTH Nut Butter - 400g

RM 38.00

Design your own nut butter & HAVE IT YOUR WAY!! 

Design your own nut butter. 

We aim to create the healthiest 100% pure nut butter and that are made from nothing but nuts and love!

Jan Bakes nut butters are homemade and handmade. We make our nut butter according to your choice and preference.  

Contact us to customized your nut butter!!

100% Pure Nut Butter (can mix)

🍁Walnut Butter 

🍁Almond Butter 

🍁Cashew Butter 

🍁Hazelnut Butter 

400g - RM 38

           - RM 48(with Hazelnut)

Nut Spread (can mix)

🍁Dark Chocolate Flavour 

🍁Mocha Flavour 

- RM 48/400g

Seasoning levels:-

a) Unseasoned

b) Mildly Seasoned (light seasoned with organic cane sugar/organic molasses sugar & organic pink sea salt)

c) Seasoned

d) Salt only